We connect you with best beauty professionals near your area so that you get the quality of service that you are so used to at your favourite salons and spas but now at comfort of your home. You can select from numerous choices of beauticians and stylists based their experience, price, reviews and ratings.

Everyone want to look handsome and beautiful, either she or he. Many of us specially, ladies are more concerning about their health and looks in now days. In the same chapter youngest generation is too sensitive when it comes to look cool and unique in crowd. So you choose time schedule and step out for joining beauty treatment in nearby parlour on saloon for grooming, touch-ups, hair trimming, Pedi and manicure etc.

Now the point is what to do when you have to attend urgent party, or attend to friends marriage in evening and you seems like wakeup or filthy. Either you inhibit to attend the party then or wait for long time in queue in neahrby parlour.

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Salon at Home

Salon at Home

Chandan Kr

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Excellent Work Done Serviingo....Keep it up ..!!!!.

Vivek Verma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Nicely Done ...Keep it up.

Dipali Verma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Excellent work 👍👍👍👍👍.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qst 1 :-Why Serviingo Salon?

Ans 1 :- If you are a working women your hectic schedule does not allows you to take perfect care of your body , sometime all you need to take little time to pamper yourself to energize and rejuvenate yourself ,Serviingo beauty services does that for you , You only need to give us some time ,Rest you can sit realx and enjoy our beauty services.

Qst 2 :- Do i need to provide anything if i book beauty services from Serviingo?

Ans 2 :- No you don't need to provide anything for the service you have booked , Serviingo beautician will carry each and everything in their kit bag which will be require to complete the service , All you need to sit back ,relax and enjoy our beauty services.

Qst 3 :- How shall we insure that the products which you are using of good quality and genuine?

Ans 3 :- Whatever products our beauticians are using are of good quality 100% real and genuine because Serviingo personally undertake the outsourcing of these beauty products , As all the products which Serviingo beauticians uses are provided by the company only and we don't allow our beauticians to buy any product from the local market on their own.

Qst 4 :- Is it safe to take beauty experts at home?

Ans 4 :- Yes, Because before taking them on board we check their individual and family background from authorities then only we allow them to do the job or inducting them in to our operation also we insure that their complete detail reach you much before the start of the service. However ,You are requested to take care of your personal belongings in presence of the beautician at your place.

Qst 5 :- How safe is it to take beauty services at home in current covid situation?

Ans 6 :- Our all the staff including serviingo officials are fully vaccinated with both the doses of anti covid vaccines also we are following complete guidelines of covid-19 provided by the Indian Government we insure that product which they are using while doing the job are completely sanitized.

Qst 6 :- How experienced are your beauticians?

Ans 6 :- All our beauticians have minimum 5 years experience in their field ,they have complete knowledge of Skin, Hair ,Makeup etc and to make them masters in the field of beauty services serviingo ensures they go through regular training sessions from the experts.

Qst 7 :- Can i use my own products for the service?

Ans 7 :- We advice you no to use your products, as our beauticians carries all the products require to do the requested services but the only exception we make is with Henna as it has to be cured overnight before applying on your hairs.

Qst 8 :- What to do if i am not happy with the services of your beauty expert?

Ans 8 :- If you do have any complaints, suggestions or feedback with regard to the service quality, beauticians’ hygiene, product quality, pricing etc please report it to our Customer Support Desk at +91-8881900020 or mail us support@serviingo.com It is advised to do this within 24 hrs of your service completion.

Qst 9 :- What if i request any specific beauty expert for my service?

Ans 9 :- Yes you can but you need to inform us 24 hours prior to schedule service time , we will try to accommodating the preference.

Qst 10 :- Can i add or take up additonal service for my family or friends on a pre booked service once the beautician recahes to my location?

Ans 10 :- Addition of new service for family or friend will completely be depend on the schedule of the beauty expert and availability of the products.

Qst 11 :- Can i cancel or reschedule the service any time?

Ans 11 :- Yes you can but we recommend that you cancel or reschedule at least 3 hours before the schedule service time.



Qst 1 :- How do i know that which facial is best for my skin?

Ans 1 :- Picking up a best facial is purely depend on your skin type ,for instance if you have a normal skin you could opt for our Whitening /Radiance facial and if you are not sure about your skin type you can check your T-zone an hour after you have cleansed your face.

Qst 2 :- How cleanup is different from facial?

Ans 2 :- Cleanup is a basic form of facial so we usually recommend it for a younger skin aged up to 25 years , typical cleanup does not include a pack.

Qst 3 :- Do you carry all the instruments require to complete the service?

Ans 3 :- Yes our beauticians will carry all the instruments in their kit require for the particular service.

Qst 4 :- How safe to use instruments carry by your beautician?

Ans 4 :- It is completely safe to use instruments carry by our beautician as before start the service and after completion of the service our experts completely sanitize each and every instruments.



Qst 1 :- What if i am unsure about which color and cut suits on my face? do you have any consultation services before final booking?

Ans 1 :- Yes absolutely..!!! We have a team of top beauticians of Lucknow who are ready to clear all your doubts before your final booking for consultation you can contact to our customer care number ie : +91-8881900020.

Qst 3 :- How safe is it to use color on my hairs?

Ans 3 :- Using color on your hairs is completely your decision however we recommend to do skin allergy test before using any color for your hairs .

Qst 4 :- Can i take hair spa just after my hair coloring?

Ans 4 :- Usually there should be at least 15 days gap between hair coloring and hair spa and we recommend the same to our customers.



Qst 1 :- Do I need to provide anything to your beautician for waxing?

Ans 1 :- Before reaching the service location our experts make sure that they will carry all the products and instruments going to use for the service and you don't need to provide anything to her except electricity supply to heat the wax heater.



Qst 1 :- Do you carry pedicure tub?

Ans 1 :- Pedicure tub is one of the essential part of the service , Our expert carries the same in their kit.



Qst 1 :- How do i decide what is apt for my hairs straightening or smoothening for my hairs?

Ans 1 :- If you have very curly hair and want completely straight & easy to handle hair opt for straightening. On the other hand , if you just want to improve the hair texture and make it slightly more manageable, opt for smoothening.

Qst 2 :- I just have colored my hairs , should i go for straightening or not ?

Ans 2 :- For good results of the product , you should wait atleast 30 days after hair coloring less than that will lead damage to your hairs and its work vise versa too.

Qst 3 :- How long will it stay on my hairs if i shall go for straightening?

Ans 3 :- Straightening will only stay long (up to 6 months) if you will follow post service hair care instructions religiously given by the beauty expert because using high TFM shampoo , pollution , dust , using mineral oil could effect results.



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